Mother's Right to Proper Nutrition

During pregnancy and post-childbirth, the mother's body undergoes so many changes. As a result, the new mother may experience many health issues related to digestion, constipation, periods, depression, lactation, anxiety, weakness, among many others. In order to avoid such problems, the mother had to be given proper diet and care. To avoid such problems, mothers have given traditional homemade recipes for over 1000 years in Indian history. In order to prevent such health issues, MeMaw postpartum food products were launched. MeMaw products are made using the same traditional recipes with adequate, authentic, and rich ingredients for new generations of mothers. Our products can be ordered easily from anywhere through our online store.

Our dream is to make mothers healthy and stronger. In order to do so, we also launched an initiative called "Right to Nutrition for Mothers" in which we will donate 2% of our profits to underprivileged mothers who do not have access to such products.